Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Images on Flickr

It is important for us to use material in our presentations and movies that we have permission to use. Today's lesson is about using creative commons images.  You are going to learn how to search for images that you can use in your 2 Minutes to Make a Difference, your blog posts and your e-portfolios.

Let's start with flickr.  This is a site where you can find many images.  Most of the images are not usable because they do not have a cc license.  There are many pictures that you can use and let's figure out how to do this.

Using Advanced Search at Flickr.
  1. Go to
  2. Search for a keyword or topic
  3. Once you have searched and received a result click advanced search
  4. Scroll down till you see USE CC
  5. Now when you return to your image search you are searching images that you are allowed to use.

 Saving the image
 To save an image it is important to do a few things.
  • Save the image to your desktop
  • You now need an attribution.  This is a way of giving the photographer credit.
  • cc licensed flickr photo by nyominx: is how you create an attribution. It has three parts
  1. cc licensed flickr photo by nyominx: This is the name of the person who took the photo.
  2. cc licensed flickr photo by nyominx:  Is the link to the photograph on flickr. 
  3. Every photo you use needs to have this attribution.

This is an excellent site
When you are searching at the Creative Commons Website you can find all sorts of media.  You can find images, music, video and so much more.  It is important to cite all of your sources.  Always paste the link into your Google Presentation and keep yourselves organized.

Practice searching for images using this site.  You should also search for music for your video too.  The best music for these videos will not have words.  Enjoy searching

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