Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Girl Effect

Imagine if you would being a girl in a developing country.... perhaps you can't.  Life is very different for you.  You are not treated equally.  Is this fair? Is this right? Ask yourself why you are being treated differently just because of your gender. 

What is the issue? Problem?

Why Girls?
Now watch these videos

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect The Clock is Ticking.

I Dare You

Addis Ethiopia

What can you do? Check out all the links at this website and make a difference.

Invisible Children

You should feel outraged when you watch this video. It shows how the Lord's Resistance Army is abducting children, creating child soldiers all for the personal glory of its leader.

Who is the LRA from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

In 2006 people came together to speak out and demonstrate about the wrongs being committed in the Sudan and Central Africa.

Global Night Commute: I Got Soul from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

This battle to gain public attention continues today just like other campaigns it is involving youth pushing them to get involved. Stopping the crisis will take lots of work but it is possible to make a difference.

25 Recap Video from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Follow along and get updates at the LRA Crisis Tracker

More information can be found at the Invisible Children Blog.

I Will Statements....

In preparation for their citizenship unit this year we got the students to come up with I will statements.  We had them watch Spencer West and the Kielburgers from previous We Day Events.  Following the videos we brainstormed, did some group work and allowed the students to come up with statements of I Will... Each of these statements were supposed to be large and transformative for them. All of the statements did not end up being as grand as we planned.  I think this works in our favour.  It will allow us to revisit them in the future, see which statements were weak or easily accomplished and which ones withstood time and are still ongoing.

Here is the video we produced with their I will statements.

Vow of Silence

Free the Children have an annual awareness campaign called The Vow of Silence

The main goal for the Grade 8 Teaching team at Sargent Park was to make our students aware of why it is important to stand in solidarity with the millions of child labourers in the world.

The Students in our school need to know that they do not need to  stand by while children are subjected to exploitation, poverty and the denial of their basic rights.

The Vow of Silence is a way to make them aware.  So on November 30th this year all of the Grade 8 students and many of their classmates went silent for a day.  In the school teachers did not talk, annoucments were not read and silence reigned over all.  It was amazing.  For a loonie or a toonie the students were allowed and encouraged not to talk, use cellphones, text, connect on the internet for a day.  Many passed the test.  Hallways were silent during classtime, during class change and even during lunch.  Ordering lunch was difficult when you do not have a voice but students managed to communicate even without a voice.

The Grade 8 team passed out information for other teachers to use in their classes.  Articles talking about the exploitation of children around the world were used as language arts and social studies lessons.  As a school we became more aware.

At the end of the day when it was all over students and staff were more aware of what was going on around the world. We had also raised over $300 for Free the Children. 

Did you take the Vow of Silence this year? It is never to late.
Here is what our day sounded and looked like.