Monday, February 27, 2012

Movie Project Feb 27 to March 5

Today you corrected and assessed your work up to date.  Now it is time to move forward.  Three slides need to be added under the heading of Action Planning:
  • Slide 1 How can We make a difference?  On this slide you need to put links, places in Canada and Winnipeg where we can go to make a difference.  You need to also find people who are working to make a difference and find links to them.
  • Slide 2 How will we make a difference? What actions did you take to make a difference for your cause.  You need to brainstorm different possibilities for what you will do.  You do not need to do your action this week but will need to do something before the movie is done and capture it on a digital camera or movie.
  • Slide 3 Find an expert. Many websites have author links and an About us section.  Find some people who are experts in your cause and send them interview questions.  Keep a copy of the email correspondence.  You might even call them on the phone. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Links to find information about your Movie Topics.

Here are the links to sites that will help you gather your information to create the 2 Minutes Movie this year.

Women and Girls

Clean Water

Water Issues 

Child Labour

Rights of the Child





The Environment

Other Documentaries

New Videos from Free the Children

Here are some great videos where you can get more information for your 2 Minutes Movies. Use these videos to become more informed.  If you get ideas from them please make sure you cite the video as the source of your information. 

Globalization Part 1

Globalization Part 2

Child Soldiers


Child Labour